About Me

Hey! I'm Billy Levengood. Most importantly, I'm a Christian! My trust is in Christ for forgiveness of sin and it is anchored in his perfect life and sacrificial death. My only hope is Christ. I'm married to Jodi. We got married on May 28, 2006. We have 3 incredible kids: Elliana (born in 2010), Will (born in 2012), Matthew (born in 2014) and Issac (born 2016).

In December 2016, my family and I relocated to Oxford, PA to plant a church in partnership with Encounter Life Church, the North American Mission Board, and the Baptist Convention of PA/SJ.

For nearly 7 years I was the Lead Pastor of Encounter Life Church  in Manchester, TN. We planted this church and it became a beautiful group of people who love Jesus and recognize their need for Jesus every day. None of us pretended like we have it all together. We valued having others in our lives to help us and point us to Jesus in the midst of our struggle, frustration, heartache and every day life. I'm exited to see how God uses ELC in the future, even as we partner together to plant in Oxford.

In my spare time, I love spending time with my wife, playing with my kids, hanging with friends (doing any sort of semi-athletic, board, or card game), and reading. My hope in blogging is to encourage others to trust Christ and grow in their relationship with him, while at the same time, keeping folks connected to our journey in Oxford. I want people to know that faith is not separate from life, but that faith connects to life in every way and it drives how we live.

Because He Lives!

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