Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Election is Over...the need for Gospel Proclamation isn't!

Well, we all survived the 2016 election cycle! Guess what? Our hope isn't built on a President or a President-Elect. Our hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness. The words of the old hymn "The Solid Rock" are good words for us to think on today! More than anything, our nation needs the gospel. One hope I have is that Christians wouldn't breathe a sigh of relief because the nation may have staved off a complete reorientation of the Supreme Court. We must be people who are serious about the Gospel!

As Jodi and I prepare to move, I'm more committed than ever to be a carrier of the gospel! May we be a people who give our effort and energy to being godly neighbors who are kind, caring, compassionate and hospitable. Where you live, work and play, I pray you will be willing to engage the people God has put all around you. This is a great time for us to be a different kind of people. Perhaps we could interact with people, even those we disagree with, in such a way that people will know us by our love. Obviously we cannot control other people's response to us, but we can control how we treat them. Romans 12 reminds us that as much as it depends on us we should strive to live at peace with every person. Today is a great day for us to live peaceably with others! Whether on Facebook or face-to-face, have integrity, walk in kindness and share the good news of hope found in the finished work of Jesus Christ! Let people know that there is no possibility of lasting hope found anywhere other than Jesus' sinless life, sacrificial death and supernatural resurrection. Wherever you live, whatever you do for work, however you choose to play, I pray we will make much of Jesus and people will find hope!

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