Thursday, December 15, 2016


It's time for another update from our world. You would probably think that since we moved in life has slowed down a little and we're bored to tears, but actually the opposite has happened. It has been a little bit of a surprise to us that we've been as busy as we are.
Last week I told you about our tree lighting experience in Oxford. This week we have had more normal tasks to do! I had to go find new car insurance, so I visited a couple of agents. Both were friendly and asked if we moved here because of work. I said, "Kind's something like that." I shared with them, like I've shared with others, that we have moved to start a new church in Oxford. The second agent I talked with invited me to come to his networking group that he started so I could meet other people in the area! I'm very excited about that. I also, by way of connection through another pastor, had lunch with our State Representative this week. I got an opportunity to ask him a lot of questions about Oxford so I can try to learn the area as fast as possible, so we get a better sense of what the church needs to look like and how she can best serve the community.
So far, I've found a local coffee shop I like that I plan to spend more time at and Jodi found the library and took the boys to story time! We've been to Wal-Mart more times than we can count and we've found that lots of places know how to make good pizza!
All in all, most of the people we've met have been kind and friendly (except for our first cashier at the store). We continue to pray that God would help us make friends. We've gone to Wrightsdale Baptist Church the last couple of weeks and they have been very kind. Pastor Steve and Kathy have really made us feel very welcome! We are incredibly grateful for their friendship and encouragement along the way! Mrs. Kathy even made our family chocolate chip cookies on Sunday. We really enjoyed them and they made a feel even more at home here!
We're grateful for your friendship and encouragement on this journey. Thank you for supporting and praying for us. Here are a few ways you can pray for us in the next couple of weeks:

  1. Pray for Ellie. She's still having a rough time with the transition. She's cried this week because she misses her friends and Mrs. Alonso. She's written notes and drawn pictures, but she still misses her friends. She hasn't really spoken of any friends she has made yet, though she says she has made some friends at school. She's shared of not having anyone to play with a recess and she's asked us a couple of times why we had to move. Pray that God would encourage her heart and that we'd be sensitive toward her as she struggles.
  2. Pray for the boys. They're a train wreck most days! It's been very difficult to get them settled in a new routine. 
  3. Pray for Jodi. She's managing all of this very well, but it's a tall order with the new baby. Pray that she continues to find her hope in Jesus and that he gives her the grace she needs for each new day. Pray that God would help her find friends as she seeks to build relationships at the Library and other places she's trying to go!
  4. Pray for me! Pray that I balance everything well. Pray that God brings people into my life that would be open to the gospel. Pray that I'd boldly proclaim it. Pray that I can set up some meetings for after the first of the year with some people I'd like to meet around town.
Thanks again for all you do to love and encourage us! You're a great blessing and a gift to our family and we thank God for you!


  1. Praying especially for Ellie. Praying God sends her the perfect lifelong friend. One like he did for me. 37 years later and two states apart, we are still besties. Praying for all of you.

    1. Thanks, Jill! We're grateful for your prayers and encouragement!

  2. My Dearest Ellie,
    Mrs. Alonso will never ever forget you. You will always be in my heart and I know without a doubt that with the big, kind, caring, and loving heart you have that you will be successful in life and bring blessing to all who know you. Please never forget how much of a blessing you are to others! You brought me a much needed hug and smile at the beginning of every morning that I needed more than you know. You encourage others to do their best and comfort those in need. I know your teacher is blessed and thankful to have you and every classmate will love you just as much as we all do here! Moving is so hard, but you get to share your big heart with others and I know that love and kindness will spread in Oxford like it did here. You will continue to make a difference and Mrs Alonso will always be so very proud of you. We love you Ellie!

    Sending lots of prayers to your entire family. I think you are all doing wonderful and adjusting very well. I am thankful and grateful to know each of you and can't wait to hear more about your journey! Hugs and prayers to each of you❤️����