Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's been a while...and I was too busy to take pictures!

Don't worry we're still alive! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm trying to get back around to it. Since the last time I posted, I've been to Tennessee twice! I've preached both of my grandparent's Memorial Services. I've been to Georgia for a training and traveled to Carlisle, PA for another training. In the middle of all of that we've moved into Pennsylvania from Maryland and we've started Homeschooling Ellie. Toss in a couple of sick kids and we have the perfect storm! However, our dear friends Jamie and Angelica visited with us during all of this chaos. What an amazing time of refreshment to get to spend a few days with them at the beginning of March!

When I tell you we feel like we're moving a breakneck speed, we're not lying. It's been a wild ride. In all of that we've managed to make a couple of friends. Our kids are adjusting well. I know I've mentioned it a couple of times, but we're so grateful for Wrightsdale Baptist. Their love toward our family has been overwhelming. They've gone above and beyond to help our kiddos feel loved. Matthew loves Mrs. Jacque. He looks forward to Wednesdays and Sundays so he can hang out with her. The other kiddos love Mr. T and Mrs. Colleen. They've connected well with them and their kids.

Here's a couple of changes coming for us. First, we'll shift from being super detailed in our blog to sending a newsletter to those who want to make sure they don't miss anything. We'll still try to regularly blog, but we'll keep more details of ministry related things to the newsletter. I'd love for you to send me an email or shoot me a facebook message with your email address, so you don't miss out on anything.

Second, we're trying to plan a couple of mission trips with folks from TN this year and next! We're also very excited about folks who are planning to come up for a visit this Summer. It's going to be a busy time of year.

Later this week or early next week I hope to have the first newsletter out. Pray for us as we begin the process of running 100 mph for the foreseeable future. We're incredibly grateful for your prayers and partnership along the way! Thanks for loving us! Thanks for walking with us!

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